LEGION OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR 2020! The Omaha Warriors have a new affiliation with the Omaha Spikes to provide opportunities for High School players that do not make their high school teams. For more information please email us at OWBaseball@outlook.com or info@OmahaSpikes.com

Omaha Warriors Baseball

The mission of the Omaha Warriors Baseball organization is to provide developmental opportunities for youth baseball players in the Omaha and surrounding communities. We hope to instill the proper fundamentals and sound mechanics of baseball that will prepare these young players for high school and beyond.

Our goal as an organization is to teach respect, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and teamwork. The coaches within our program strive to develop each player’s skills and abilities and in doing so, build the player’s character on and off the field hoping these become lifelong traits for each player.

Most of all, we will strive to develop a passion and a love for the game within each player so that someday they are able to pass that love for the game on to others. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community among all the players, coaches, and families.

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